Speaker shares discovery on customer value to help salespeople boost sales

“Find the Stealth Value and Grow Your Sales” takes your salespeople on a journey deeper inside the minds of your customers that will help your salespeople lead more customers to buy
Don Shapiro’s high energy, fun and interactive speech on his latest discoveries about customer value have helped salespeople and entire sales forces in 25 industries boost their sales above budget and forecast. When your salespeople learn the truth about customer value, they will find new ways to close more sales.
“Don customized his program to our Team’s improvement areas. He was very personable and entertaining. My Team has delivered significant growth numbers ever since.”
Steve Oberle, Vice President Sales, ZyXEL Technology
Don Shapiro speaks to salespeople to boost their sales
After listening to over 2500 salespeople talk with customers, Don learned how customers figure out what they value and use value to decide what they buy. He uncovered some “stealth” reasons why customers actually say yes and no. Don’s discoveries about what goes on deeper inside the customer’s mind beyond needs, solutions and benefits have helped salespeople find new ways to get customers to buy.

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When your salespeople take a safari deeper inside the mind of your customers, they’ll learn more about…

  • Why their customers do and don’t buy.
  • How their customers figure out what they value.
  • Why value and price are two very different things.
  • Why customers don’t always see a need as a need or a benefit as a benefit.
  • Why customer value is greater than the sum of needs, solutions, and benefits. 
Your salespeople will be motivated to learn a lot more about their customers and more accurately interpret what they hear. This will help them make better choices so they can close more sales more often.
“Our field representatives said your program on selling was the best they have ever heard and the strategies you shared were new to them. These are representatives who have taken every sales training program available.”
Patrick Finley, President, Plasters and Cement Masons

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Don Shapiro talks about the importance of customer value

“Value lies inside the customer, not in what you offer. The value customers place on what you offer determines if they buy and pay a profitable price. That’s why the customer’s perceptions of value is the number one factor that determines whether customers say yes or no.”

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Better choices can lead to double digit sales increases

Double digit increases in sales volume across your entire sales force often takes more than additional skills, modifying your sales funnel, or adjustments to your sales process.
Don’s high energy, fun and interactive program shows salespeople how to improve the choices they make when working with their prospects and customers. Those choices depend on…
  • How well they understand the customer.
  • How accurately they interpret what they hear.
  • What assumptions they make about what the customer said.
When your salespeople gather more information from their customers and interpret it more accurately, they will make better choices that lead more customers to buy.
“It’s difficult to hold the attention of 135 salespeople and managers and keep their interest level high. You were able to do both and do it well. Dynamic.”
Gail Gibson, Volt Workforce Solutions

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When Don Shapiro talks to your salespeople, they’ll learn, laugh, and leave inspired

Your salespeople will be inspired by Don’s high energy, fun and interactive program. His discoveries on customer value, why people buy, and when a need is really a need have helped salespeople in over 25 industries boost their sales by making better choices. Don will customize his keynote, seminar or training just for your company and industry so your salespeople can lead more customers to buy.
“Your presentation at our Before Need Sales Conference was outstanding.”
Gary Olson, Forest Lawn Memorial Parks

About Don Shapiro

Don Shapiro is known as “the eyes of the customer” because of his uncanny ability to understand how customers think. He studied why customers say yes and no by hearing over 2500 salespeople talk with customers. Don’s discoveries on how customers figure out what they value, how customers move from no to yes, and when a need is a need and a benefit is a benefit have helped salespeople in 25 industries boost their sales by making better choices. He is the President of First Concepts Consultants, Inc., advisers on customer value, sales, growth, strategy and leadership.
Don gave his first speech before an audience of 800 when he was 14 and they haven’t been able to stop him since. He is known for his super high energy, fun and interactive programs that are customized for each sales force.
Don Shapiro high energy speaker
 “You were a delight to work with not to mention your impressive presentation.”
Kelly Macheza, Elscint