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Fact Sheet


1.         Founded First Concepts Consultants, Inc. was founded in March, 1985 by Don Shapiro who remains its president.

2.         Industries Served The firm has worked with organizations in over 30 different industries including restaurant chains, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, auto parts, high voltage relays, technology, hair care products, greeting cards, florist, employment services, memorial parks, pest control services and the construction industry. A partial list of these firms can be found on the Clients page.

3.         Services First Concepts provides management advisory services to the senior management of both for profit and non-profit organizations. These services focus on the following areas: strategy, planning, marketing, customer value, customer satisfaction, leadership development, sales management and sales training. A full explanation of First Concepts services can be found under Core Services.

4.         Implementation Assisting clients with implementation is a core part of First Concepts approach. The firm does not just develop solutions, it rolls up its sleeves and helps clients make them happen.

5.         Process & Thinking The foundation underlying everything First Concepts does is a comprehensive group of thinking processes that involve critical, creative and systems thinking methods. Clients invest in First Concepts ability to think out solutions by employing a variety of these processes. The Approach page on the website explains First Concepts 5 Step Consulting Process.

6.         Assessment First Concepts goes through a process of discovery with each client to understand what is happening, pinpoint why it is happening and develop recommendations that will address this. That investigative process is called an assessment.

7.         Customized Everything First Concepts does is customized for each client, market and industry.

8.         Speeches and Articles Don Shapiro, President and founder of First Concepts, speaks on his discoveries and innovations. Please visit the website Don Shapiro Speaks to learn more about his speeches, workshops and training. Don Shapiro continually writes about his insights and discoveries which are posted on