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The First Concepts Process For Increasing Revenue


“Consulting is more about process than knowledge. We plug our clients into our thinking and observation process so they can see their world in a way it’s never been seen before.”

Don Shapiro, President First Concepts Consultants, Inc.

Consulting is a process
Consulting is a process

Consulting is a process. While a consultant obviously brings experience and knowledge, the primary way they assist a client is through their focus on process. Consultants bring a different way of thinking to help clients discover the best ways to increase their rate of growth and market share. When it comes to producing results, thinking is more important than knowledge. Please see our article It’s All About Thinking to learn more about some of the thinking processes First Concepts employs.

  • “Ask insightful and relevant questions that no one in our company had ever asked before.” Kilovac High Voltage Relays
  • “Exceptional at adjusting to and making sense of unique and varying circumstances.” Specialty Restaurants Corporation
  • “Because of their thoroughness in researching the project, the end results were highly effective.” Parts Plus

The First Concepts 5 Step Consulting Process

1. Discovery through investigation

Before a consultant can offer sound recommendations, they must investigate what is going on to find the facts and identify the root causes.  This involves gathering and analyzing information from a variety of sources inside the organization as well as customers and other parties involved in its industry. First Concepts specializes in interviewing and observing people in action such as traveling with salespeople and spending time with management. This allows us to benchmark a firm’s current practices against best practices and connect that to what the numbers and prospect/customer research shows us.

2. Recommendations specific to the organization and its markets

Through Revenue Detective investigations, First Concepts is able to offer customized recommendations that address the clients specific challenges and goals. Those recommendations account for all the facts and address the root causes that prevent the firm from growing faster.

3. Planning and strategy formation

True planning and strategy formation is not a neat, overly structured process. There is a way to effectively direct this effort that will insure everything is considered while allowing for the synthesis of creative ideas and assessment of the impact of implementing specific strategies. It can only be effective when there are sufficient, objective facts and analysis.

4. Development of The Implementation Plan

The greatest plans and strategies in the world mean absolutely nothing unless they can be implemented. First Concepts specializes in helping clients identify all the issues that will affect the implementation of what has been decided.

5. Execution Assistance and Support

First Concepts remains involved with the client during execution to evaluate progress, assist in making adjustments based what’s happening, and guide the effort until it achieves its goal.

Learn more about First Concepts 5 Step process


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