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Interview Questions


Suggested interview questions for Don Shapiro

The following questions offer some suggestions to help the media when interviewing Don Shapiro. While the list is not exhaustive, these questions can launch an informative, exciting and in-depth discussion. The questions are grouped into the following three categories:

About the major issues and challenges facing organizations and society

About Don Shapiro’s discoveries and innovations

About First Concepts and consulting

About the major issues and challenges facing organizations and society

Why can’t the government fix our economy?

What do you mean when you say that this economic downturn is more than just a recession and will last longer than anyone realizes?

Why do we continue to see bright, educated executives making terrible decisions?

What is the greatest challenge companies face today?

Why do you feel that we face a leadership crisis?

Why do companies continue to have a problem providing good service and quality?

What makes it so difficult for organizations to solve serious problems?

Why do you feel that trashing people is a greater threat to our country than poor legislation?

Why does all the current healthcare reform debate completely miss the point?

Why do you feel that it wasn’t the recession which toppled General Motors but over 30 years of bad executive decisions?

What’s wrong with Americans disliking Islam because of 9/11?

In what ways are schools failing to teach children how to deal with the real world?

About Don Shapiro’s discoveries and innovations

What did you discover about the customer’s perceptions of value that can help salespeople and marketers to be more effective?

What led you to begin putting more emphasis on the people side of organizations?

Why do you feel that thinking processes are more important than knowledge or industry experience in solving problems?

What are the Laws of Customer Satisfaction and where did they come from?

Why do you feel that customer value should be the driving force for all company strategies, missions and priorities?

What happens when a company changes its strategies but not its structure?

Why is implementation often a bigger barrier to improving results than innovation or strategy?

What do you mean by priming the prospective customer about the type of offer before positioning the actual product or service?

Why does an accurate job preview make such a big difference in hiring the right people?

What led you to spend the last four decades studying how people make choices?

What have you discovered about systems thinking and quantum physics that can help organizations succeed?

About First Concepts and consulting

What lead you into the consulting business?

What does First Concepts mean?

How did you manage to work in 30 different industries?

What do all these different industries have in common?

What was your most exciting client or project?

What are the most frustrating things about being a consultant?

Why do you feel that consulting is a calling and not simply a career one can choose?


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