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The ABCs Of Why People Buy

The ABCs of Why People Buy is a signature sales training program offered exclusively by First Concepts. This training is backed by discoveries about why people buy and why top salespeople sell more, giving experienced salespeople new knowledge that can help them get prospects to say yes more often.

These discoveries, based on the efforts of First Concepts as Revenue Detectives, can increase your sales above forecast , boost your win rates, and reduce price resistance. This customized sales training program can increase the sales of even experienced and trained salespeople because it focuses on the real reasons prospects say yes and no, backed by a sales training reinforcement system that insures salespeople fully apply what they have learned in the field.  Learn more about the research behind this sales approach and what salespeople will learn to do better.

“Your professional sales approach has improved everyone you worked with and improved our ability to market to prospective contractors and end users.” -Painters & Allied Trades

Sales Training On Why People Buy

No matter how experienced your salespeople or how many great sales training programs they’ve been through, The ABCs Of Why People Buy takes them beyond that by teaching them something new. Based on over three decades of research, this program examines why prospects say yes and no, and how they figure out perceived value. This sales training program will give your salespeople new knowledge that will help them to close more sales.

Sales Goals Covered in the Training

  1. Figure out if sales professionals have uncovered all the possible needs a prospect might have so the prospect has the strongest justification possible to take action and spend money.
  2. Have an objective way to determine what makes each need serious, compelling, and costly enough to justify a purchase decision and how to help the prospect feel more pain and loss of gain.
  3. Get prospects to rank more benefits higher in importance and know what to do when a benefit is ranked too low since prospects don’t always consider benefits as important as the company offering them does.
  4. Determine the prospects perceived value for what you offer before the price discussion so salespeople can address the cause of low perceived value instead of answering price objections.

The First Concepts approach teaches salespeople the heart of why prospects say yes and no and how they figure out value. Top producers have usually figured most of this out on their own and that’s one of the reasons they sell more. It’s not just talent. These salespeople have a much deeper and clearer understanding of what is going on inside their prospect’s minds so they know what to do to move the sale forward.

The research behind this advanced training is backed by the observation of hundreds of salespeople calling on prospects, interviewing those prospects, then interviewing the salespeople about what happened during those calls. The results of this study were combined with personal observations of having over 3000 salespeople call on First Concepts as buyers.

This allowed us to define why people buy and don’t buy, what affects prospects during the sale, how prospects figure out perceived value and what salespeople need to do to increase the probability of a yes decision and take the dice roll out of selling. Learn more about the research and what salespeople will learn in the sales training.

Benefits Of This Sales Training and Reinforcement

  1. Salespeople follow the actual thoughts and progress of the prospect so they are always in the right place, at the right time, with the right tools and approach.
  2. Sales presentations are customized to address the prospects actual issues so each benefit is specific to the prospect.
  3. More serious needs are discovered, which can be utilized to better justify the price and value of the offer.
  4. This approach can be added onto any existing sales method or process.
  5. Continual reinforcement over a six-month period ensures that all salespeople become conditioned to apply the entire system leading to increased sales that can be sustained.
  6. The ABCs give sales managers a new language and talking points to discuss each prospect with their salespeople that can better pinpoint where the prospect is really at.
  7. The new performance measurements keep salespeople focused on applying the training to increase their sales.
  8. Because the measurements are not based on sales volume, they give low producers an opportunity to shine.
  9. Consulting assistance focuses on reviewing each salesperson with the sales manager during the engagement so individualized coaching and reinforcement approaches can be developed.
  10. Combining four training sessions with daily reinforcement over a six-month period increases the sales of the entire sales force, not just the top producers.

This approach eliminates the problem of most sales training where a short-term sales increase occurs, but then sales return to their previous level after a few months. It also addresses what holds some low producing sales people back from producing more. No salesperson is left behind in this combined sales training and management reinforcement effort that results in lasting increases in sales.


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